2 Bossy B’s Goes Video!

There's no questioning the fact that the 2 Bossy B's team, Elizabeth Imus & Nora Straight, ROCKS.  Now, they've taped one segment of their show/podcast on video.  What writing! Comedy! What screen presence!  What political and common sense content.  Hey...they [...]


Liberty Tree Media Group and EG Radio Marketing Launch 24/7 Internet Radio Station!

What a 2014 we had and…WOW, did our team ever finish strong.  I am so very proud of everyone.  Our partnership with Synchronicity (www.synchronicity.co ) has been AMAZING. if you are a radio station, radio show or podcast, do yourself [...]

Giving Legacy Show host, Christopher Riley: Saint Louis University Professor Circumventing Our Constitution’s 5th, 6th & 14th Amendments!

Friends, It is with great sadness that I report my findings of the tragedy continuing to unfold in the St. Louis region. After the Grand Jury released their decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the fires, looting and destruction has [...]


Please Exercise Your Right to Vote

It is easy for us to become so wrapped up in our lives...our family life, our work life, our college life and our "me-time" life...that we forget what a great country, what great liberties we enjoy.  And, enjoy them we [...]

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Excalibur Business & Life Coaching Show host, Jeff Arthur, WOWS at AT&T Luncheon Seminar

             In addition to being a great podcast and radio host, Jeff Arthur is a brilliant business and life coach and the Principal of Excalibur Coaching Institute.  On September 11th, Jeff's seminar topic of leadership and communication [...]

Liberty Tree Media Group Patriot of the Week – Mr. Haym Salomon

Excerpts of this week's posting were taken from Ben Carson's Book, "America The Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great"Haym Salomon immigrated to the New World from Poland in 1772. George Washington recognized Haym's strength of character and they became [...]

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Now You Can Get Great Bedside Manner…on Demand

          Formerly syndicated in 76 markets, Doctor’s Orders will soon be available via podcast on LTMG. Who said you can’t handle the truth? Dr. Kipp Van Camp, affectionately called Dr. Kipp by his listeners, gives it [...]

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Liberty Tree Media Group Launches!

“Spreading the seeds of liberty & self-reliance”…that is what Liberty Tree Media Group (LTMG) is all about. Liberty Tree Media Group is a comprehensive media, content and radio marketing entity with highly specialized web and digital media specialists working with [...]


The Story of Douglas V. Gibbs and The Constitution of The United States

While working several jobs over the past decade, Douglas Gibbs pursued a calling…learning the Constitution of the United States.  He objectively researched, dissected and obtained illumination from each and every word in that sacred document.  This calling led Doug into [...]


2 Bossy B’s show with Elizabeth Imus and Nora Straight partners with Liberty Tree Media Group

LTMG CEO, Scott Ragain, is mesmerized by the amazing talent joining LTMG. “Can you imagine the water-cooler talk generated by this show?” Ragain continues, “ I was introduced to Elizabeth by Cal Saul of KABC in LA. Cal is a [...]