Giving Legacy Show host, Christopher Riley: Saint Louis University Professor Circumventing Our Constitution’s 5th, 6th & 14th Amendments!


It is with great sadness that I report my findings of the tragedy continuing to unfold in the St. Louis region.

After the Grand Jury released their decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the fires, looting and destruction has forever damaged the worldwide impression of St. Louis.

First off, let me be clear: as the father of five children, there is no event that could justify or even subside the horrendous loss of a child and my heart goes out to the parents of Michael Brown for having to endure the premature loss of their son.

Some of you will notice the time of this email and most of you know that when I am focused, this time is not so unusual.  However, although I conduct forensic auditing and have had the unfortunate experience to witness how powerful the media’s deception and special interest groups can be, I have never in my almost 1/2 century of living experienced the intentional deception that has resulted in a city literally burning as I type this.

For the past seven hours I have pointed my forensic skills to the grand Jury testimony.  With over 5,000 pages that I have witnessed so far, I have seen witnesses purger themselves and media representatives such as Van Jones criticize law enforcement and leadership as to “why Jay Nixon prematurely deemed St. Louis to be in a state of emergency when there is no evidence that the ‘peaceful’ protestors will turn violent.”  I have this to say to Van, leave our city immediately and do not return, your one-sided useless garbage is no longer going to be heard or tolerated.

However, the greatest crime that has been committed is by Assistant professor Hansford of St. Louis University.  To pretend to defend the law and teach it to our aspiring lawyers and then circumvent the 5th, 6th and 14th amendments relating to due process, Asst Professor Hansford has single handedly set our city on fire by convicting and sentencing Darren Wilson for “torturing” Michael Brown by listening to liars, purgers and people who obviously made up their testimony to the point where FBI agents had to state over a dozen times that they have physical evidence that makes the witnesses testimony impossible and would they like to change their testimony because they have talked to the prosecutor and  they will be prosecuted for lying to a federal agent.

Prof Hansford AND St. Louis University WILL be held accountable for what amounts to a butchering of our constitution by a law school supporting its professor in putting the lives and property of innocent people in jeopardy for what now has turned into a Pinocchio contest.

Prof. Hansford, this event has sparked a longstanding issue that apparently needs to be addressed, and you have every right to address it, as a citizen, no longer as a professor.

After my evaluation of the lying witnesses that INVENTED the Hands Up account that is NOT substantiated by any witnesses except those that were proven to be so false that upon reading the eye witness account of witness #10, you wonder if this wasn’t a bad horror film that a six year old could see through. For you not to allow due process to unfold before your grandstanding, well lets just say justice will prevail as some of us still respect and trust our judicial system.

I will be including all of my findings in a report and submission to not only remove Prof Hansford from ever disrespecting the position of law professor again, but also for all donations and endowments to St. Louis University cease immediately to stand up to political grand standers that a university law school can not and will not use tuition dollars to fund a premature witch hunt that has now been exposed as false, unfounded and igniting the world against St. Louis.

I doubt that the media, Rev. Sharpton, Asst Prof Hansford will ever care enough about the destruction they caused to make amends, so I will be encouraging their own sword (the pen of the legal system) to hold them accountable for falsely accusing a man that was supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.  If we lose that core foundation of our legal and justice system through its butchering by the very professors that teach it, we have lost as a country, and I for one will not stand another day in this country and allow these legal betrayers to think they can keep doing this whenever they want media coverage because criminals on drugs claim false accusations and they have zero faith in our legal system to even allow it to operate.

I will have my report in a matter of days and I will be notifying the media (like they will care to pass it on as they created half this problem with their pathetic cries to stop calling St. Louis in a state of emergency and then when the protesters, who were obviously not peaceful burned down the city they cry like a spoiled prince to get MORE national guard troops and all of a sudden seem to care about business owners – pathetic! Van Jones, grow some integrity and admit when you are wrong and misguided!

I am so sick about all of this as our country is in a tail spin and these ridiculous and destructive circus stunts have gone too far.  Criminals do not get to rob stores, attack store owners, cuss at police when confronted, attack the police, not surrender, never put hands in the air, charge the police and then when finally stopped by law enforcement all of a sudden America is torturing this young man; this characterization is not substantiated by any facts and Prof Hansford should have allowed the legal system, his legal system, to play out before now having to resign his position as assistant professor of law, our founding fathers deserve better.

Please pray for Ferguson and the surrounding areas as they look to rebuild and for our communities to find real solutions to the real problems that exist while the political animals find a glimmer of integrity to step away now and let real, concerned citizens work through this.

Most Sincerely,

Christopher Riley


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