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Formerly syndicated in 76 markets, Doctor’s Orders will soon be available via podcast on LTMG.

Who said you can’t handle the truth? Dr. Kipp Van Camp, affectionately called Dr. Kipp by his listeners, gives it to you in doses easy to digest and easy to understand.

Before rattling off just a few of his accomplishments, let’s just state for the record that he’s one of the most humble persons to ever sit in front of a mic.
Okay…here we go…he’s a triple board certified physician, a medical researcher, an expert on radiology, nuclear medicine, Alzheimer’s, the human-animal bond and an he’s an author. Whew…deep breath…he’s a public speaker, opposes the ACA, a college All American, a pianist, husband and a father. Now… don’t you want to hear what he has to say? We’re re-launching the good doc’s show. But you are welcome to visit .


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