Liberty Tree Media Group Launches!

“Spreading the seeds of liberty & self-reliance”…that is what Liberty Tree Media Group (LTMG) is all about.
Liberty Tree Media Group is a comprehensive media, content and radio marketing entity with highly specialized web and digital media specialists working with us nation-wide. We’re blessed to have top-tier radio, web-marketing and client-centric digital media partners working with us. We’re professional and friendly. Our top management has worked with nationally syndicated radio shows, television and radio show/podcast production and we’ve also spearheaded internet PR, film and various media projects.

Liberty Tree Media Group was created as an educational, informative and entertaining resource for podcasters and their listening audiences. One of our niche goals is to provide a forum for those running for public office. We seek to make it easy for the ever increasing online/mobile voting base to obtain the information they need to make well-informed decisions regarding candidates, local, state and national issues. We embrace and encourage debate.

LTMG is unique. Ours is a series of political/constitutional, self-reliance, wellness, and “go green” podcast/radio talk shows the combination of which is beneficial to a wide listening base. We are bold…not out of an over-abundance of ego, but rather because we have attracted top-tier talent; talent that shares our vision of Americanism, self-reliance and our desire to be a positive force for good in the USA and beyond.

Our show hosts are passionate, provocative, opinionated, informed, sometimes controversial but always well-intentioned. We discuss serious topics, certainly. Like all the Americans before us, we, too, live in serious and often tumultuous times. That doesn’t mean we can’t be silly, gregarious, witty and have some fun every now and then.

We at Liberty Tree Media Group believe in Divine destiny. We also believe in the talent and commitment of the podcast and radio programs we showcase and market. We search for ways to make positive things happen for great shows, sponsors and their listeners.

So, we’ve officially launched, but please remain patient for audio and/video content. LTMG is currently working on RSS feeds for iTunes and Stitcher compatibility for the shows as well as ensuring many of the programs are available for terrestrial radio as well. Thank you for your support.

More shows are on the horizon, however, the following shows have already agreed to join Liberty Tree Media Group:

2 Bossy B’s, with provocative libertarian hosts Elizabeth Imus & Nora Straight
America’s Voice Now, The indomitable one returns: Mike Evans!
Constitution Radio, the man with the constitution solution, the with host Douglas Gibbs
Nuclear Fire Show, with young libertarian powerhouse Owen Shroyer
Keeping Our Kids Safe, with internet and child safety advocate Bill Wardell
Doctor’s Orders Show, hosted by author, researcher & life-changer, Dr. Kipp Van Camp
Self-Reliance Radio, featuring the eloquent elocution and wisdom of host, Mike Slack
The Home School Show, with mother and education reform activist, Anissa Wardell
Short End of the Stick MS Show, with angel-voiced MS fighter, Martina Ragain


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