The Story of Douglas V. Gibbs and The Constitution of The United States

While working several jobs over the past decade, Douglas Gibbs pursued a calling…learning the Constitution of the United States.  He objectively researched, dissected and obtained illumination from each and every word in that sacred document.  This calling led Doug into internet radio where he spoke on political news topics of the day all the while using those events to illustrate the wisdom inherent in our founders and the Constitution itself.

A humble man, Doug was soon asked to teach classes about the Constitution and, later, to guest on other shows…then, on cable network news programs.  It is hard to believe that he was once turned down as a guest on a “legal” show because having someone without a law degree discussing the Constitution was ludicrous and demeaning to the legal profession.

Mr. Gibbs is gregarious, earnest and masterful in his ability to use current world events to help us all better understand this most sacred document, the defined structure of the branches of government within our republic and ourselves.  Liberty Tree Media Group is proud to market Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs.  Check out and his incredibly popular blog:


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