Owen Shroyer’s Nuclear Fire Show Leaps from Local Radio to Liberty Tree Media


Conventionalism  equates to escapism in the world of the talented Owen Shroyer, who maintains  that reality is staring us right in the face…and many of us are simply busy blind sheeple, robotically going through the motions of our daily lives.  In his world, we (many of us) are the zombies and he’s desperately trying, via the Nuclear Fire Show, to WAKE US UP!  What will it take before we see looming cliff of oppressive government laws, debt and well positioned Wall Street fat cats herding us over the edge of the precipice?  Listen to the Nuclear Fire Show to find out.  He’s sort of a modern America’s Paul Revere.  But instead of the British rounding the bend, it’s big  American government sprinting down the straightaway borrowing from China, devaluing our dollar,  eliminating the need for original thought, poisoning our water with fluoride and filling the sky with chemtrails…and, that’s just one show.


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