2 Bossy B’s show with Elizabeth Imus and Nora Straight partners with Liberty Tree Media Group

LTMG CEO, Scott Ragain, is mesmerized by the amazing talent joining LTMG. “Can you imagine the water-cooler talk generated by this show?” Ragain continues, “ I was introduced to Elizabeth by Cal Saul of KABC in LA. Cal is a friend of Elizabeth’s and one of the most client-centric radio sales and marketing people I know”, states Ragain.  “There’s simply no substitute for talent, timing and the ability to discuss topics and events in such a way they immediately resonate with large numbers of people.  At heart, these are two determined libertarians who are extremely dissatisfied in the breakdown of our Republic on multiple levels…and, they have no compunction at all about letting people know EXACTLY how they feel.  St. Louis icon, Smash, has put together a crazy voice-over for 2 Bossy B’s.  They deserve no less. ”

LTMG President, Anissa Wardell is no less enthusiastic. “We are very excited about working with such a powerful and dynamic duo in Elizabeth Imus and Nora Straight.  We see many great marketing opportunities with this show because it is entertaining, a little on-the-edge and the energy and chemistry is phenomenal.  I am convinced these two amazing women can do anything from podcasting and terrestrial radio to stage performance and television.  We are going to do everything we can to make that happen.”

You can tweet Elizabeth @imuszero and Nora @2bossybs .


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  • Don Armstrong December 19, 2014, 6:06 am

    Informative and very very funny but with a punch and they don’t pull any. They are a breath of fresh air! Thanks LTMG